Nunc tristique tempus 2ectus.

Nunc tristique tempus 2ectus.

What helped me on the road to success was this urge, which is omnipresent deep inside me, in my brain, in my body and has accompanied me throughout my career.

Elia C. Nuqul

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Board of Trustees


The ENF Board of Trustees is comprised of a number of private and civic sector professionals with extensive expertise related to ENF’s streams of interventions. ENF’s voluntary board members are committed to overseeing and ensuring the Foundation’s objectives are met in a strategic, transparent and accountable manner. The ENF Board of Trustees consists of the following:              

  • Mr. Ghassan Nuqul – Chairperson
  • Ms. Randa Nuqul – Board Member
  • Ms. Tala Nuqul – Board/Executive Committee Member
  • Mr. Rami Al-Karmi – Board Member
  • Ms. Lina Attel – Board Member
  • Mr. Yazan Majaj – Board Member
  • Dr. Amal Sabbagh – Board Member
  • Ms. Rula Salah – Board/Executive Committee Member
  • Ms. Bana Abujaber – Board Member