Nunc tristique tempus 2ectus.

Nunc tristique tempus 2ectus.

What helped me on the road to success was this urge, which is omnipresent deep inside me, in my brain, in my body and has accompanied me throughout my career.

Elia C. Nuqul

Success Stories

Eman Al Ajrami


Eman Al Ajrami


27 years


Balqaa’ – Al- Shouneh Al - Janoubieh


Hospitals and Medical Records Administration

Vocational Training Institute:

Vocational Training and Career Development Center – Al Quds College

Background on ENF Scholar

Eman graduated from school eight years ago. She is married with no children. She wanted to pursue her dream at the university to become a nurse, however, due to economic and social restraints she could not pursue her passion, bearing in mind that her Tawjihi score was 82%.

Present Status

Eman received ENF scholarship for a vocational training course specializing in Hospitals and Medical Records Administration at Al Quds College. Her training course qualified her to get a job at Al Shouneh Al Janoubieh Hospital following her graduation from the course. Now, she is assiting her husband with their financials.